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Paint and Fabric Protection System

Your new car is a big investment - you'll want the chance to protect that investment by keeping it in tip-top condition for as long as possible.

The revolutionary GardX® Paint and Fabric Protection system allows you to do just that. Here's how...

Paint Protection

Exterior paintwork is treated with a special protective coating which etches itself into the paintwork of the car, protecting it from environmental hazards such as acid rain, road salt, detergent and bird droppings. The coating is water repellant and in addition to providing protection, makes it easier to keep the car clean.

Fabric Protection

Fabric, leather and carpets are similarly treated with a water-repellant coating which seals out moisture and resists staining by accidental spillages. The exterior of the windscreen is treated with an optically clear coating which causes raindrops to bead and run off the surface of the glass. The interior is coated with a compound which prevents misting. Together they give crystal clear visibility and safer driving in all conditions.

What you get

Once applied you will also receive a free GardX® Care Kit allowing you to keep your car in showroom condition. You'll also know you are enhancing your car's retail value, so that it will be worth more when the time comes to part exchange it.

Watch the GardX Protection video here